• Merve Peren


First of all, I would like to tell you a little about bijouterie jewelry.

They are made of precious metals or stones. It contains metals (nickel, brass, iron, copper, zinc, etc.) whose proportions differ. The percentage of the material used in this distribution and coating determines the durability and the durability of the product.

These mines are precious metals. Gold is not primarily interesting in terms of chemicals. It is pure. It is a mine with stagnant properties. It does not show any chemical degradation, it is stainless and it is not difficult to process.

In the jewelry world, the silver mine, which comes second after gold, cannot be handled as it was removed from nature. They can be mixed with materials such as copper and aluminum so that they can be shaped and designed as a mine.

Once we have a brief knowledge of the structures of gold and silver from precious metals, we can return to our subject.

(gold image)

As it is understood from our explanations above, bijouterie jewelery cannot be used in pure form, many of them lose color after a while or become green. It is possible to produce more durable mixture metals using a combination of several substances. Properties containing aluminum, brass, etc., contain much longer life. Yellow rice is used in the jewelry industry because it looks very much like underneath. Brass is the general name of the yellow colored alloys obtained by adding zinc to copper. The quality of the material used in the coating process coating is also very important. The better the coating quality and the better the selection of the mine, the longer the usage time.

In short, if we evaluate all our narratives, we try to create gold as a precious metal that doesn't need any process on the one hand, and to try to produce a product that is just like gold from other mines.

So what is the status of bijouterie blackening? If you ask. If the material produced contains high levels of iron, it is possible to black out even after 1 hour of use.

The biggest reason for another blackout is misuse. Because when we use these jewelry, we forget that there are bijouterie jewelry. We expect the same performance we get from gold. But it should be kept in mind that there is a serious difference between price and mine.

(rice image)

We don't have to go with our glasses, like with glasses, clock or bed. After leaving the house and tightening our perfume, we must wear our jewelery. When not in use, we should put it in a closed box and cut off contact with air and not oxidize. However, as long as we don't remove the jewelry we wear, or we'll expose it to chemicals, you won't get long-term use. If you pay attention to these details, you can ensure long-term use.

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